Episode 20

Tuesday 11-29-2022


November 29th, 2022

1 hr 22 mins 48 secs

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Critical Thought

November 29, 2022

Mayor Brandon Bochenski joins us to talk bridges, snowmobile routes, and other city issues. The FDA is looking to regulate vaping, and AG Drew Wrigley thinks we need harsher sentences for those who flee law enforcement.

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Samuel Rose says he was raised by a devoted single mom who warned all her seven children to avoid drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. But when his high school friend urged him to try making vapor rings with a Juul e-cigarette five years ago, Rose figured there was no danger — vaping was billed as a healthier alternative to smoking.

Daily vaping made his lungs feel too small to power him down the football field. He worked 30 hours a week after school, largely to fund his habit. Though a minor, he was able to buy replacement e-cigarette cartridges and pods from young adults at his church who could buy them legally. The small device and the vapor clouds it emitted were easy enough to hide, he says. Still, the escalating addiction scared him, and he didn't like who he was becoming.

Today, 14.1% of high school students say they vape — but despite the rapid rise in nicotine use, the regulatory response has been slow.

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