Episode 60

Critical Thought 60 - (RESTRICT Act & SpaceX)


April 21st, 2023

1 hr 1 min 41 secs

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Critical Thought

April 21, 2023

Senator Kevin Cramer joins the program and we talk the RESTRICT Act. The most powerful launch vehicle ever constructed ended in an eruption of flames over the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday. was the launch really a success?

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Under the guise of curbing data collection by foreign governments, the RESTRICT Act (Senate Bill 686) would set the stage for a restriction on the use of TikTok, but not do nearly enough to truly protect our private information. Due to undefined mitigation measures coupled with a vague enforcement provision, the bill could also criminalize common practices like using a VPN or side-loading to install a prohibited app.



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--AP News --

In the weeks leading up to the flight, Musk gave 50-50 odds that the spacecraft would reach orbit. He stressed that clearing the launch tower and not blowing up the pad would be a win.

SpaceX intends to use Starship to send people and cargo to the moon and, eventually, Mars. NASA has reserved a Starship for its next moonwalking team, and rich tourists are already booking lunar flybys.

Read the entire article at apnews.com

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