Episode 68

Critical Thought 66 - with Mike Fridolfs


February 2nd, 2024

38 mins 55 secs

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Critical Thought

February 02, 2024

Mike Fridolfs, candidate for the Grand Forks City Council returns to Critical Thought to answer your questions, and share more about his vision for Grand Forks.

Main Reference(s):

-- NBC News --

A group of female Pennsylvania voters who backed former President Donald Trump in 2020 and support at least some abortion rights said in focus group interviews that they don’t see their views on abortion as a barrier to voting for Trump again in 2024.

Despite labeling abortion as a top issue facing women in America, most of the women who participated in the two focus groups said they’d back Trump in a rematch against President Joe Biden, explaining that other issues are more important to their vote.

The participants largely refused to hold Trump responsible for the end of Roe v. Wade, though he appointed three of the five Supreme Court justices who backed the June 2022 decision.

Read the entire article at nbcnews.com

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