Episode 25

Monday 12-05-2022


December 5th, 2022

37 mins 29 secs

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Critical Thought

December 05, 2022

The Supreme Court hears case of Colorado wedding website refusing gay marriage work. Does this fall under the protection of free speech or is it a fast track back to segregation?

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The Supreme Court is hearing the case Monday of a Christian graphic artist who objects to designing wedding websites for gay couples, a dispute that’s the latest clash of religion and gay rights to land at the highest court.

The designer and her supporters say that ruling against her would force artists — from painters and photographers to writers and musicians — to do work that is against their faith. Her opponents, meanwhile, say that if she wins, a range of businesses will be able to discriminate, refusing to serve Black customers, Jewish or Muslim people, interracial or interfaith couples or immigrants, among others.

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