Episode 54

Friday 02-17-2023


February 17th, 2023

1 hr 56 mins 44 secs

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Critical Thought

February 17, 2023

Steve Ovens joins Critical Thought and we dig into Canadian healthcare and Canadian tourism into the US.

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Nearly all Minnesota workers would be entitled to paid sick leave under a plan moving through the Legislature that’s aimed at the roughly one-third whose employers don’t already give them time off when they’re ill.


Establishing a “single world government” could bring about the end of humanity as a whole, billionaire Elon Musk warned while also calling artificial intelligence one of the “biggest risks” facing human civilization.


The North Dakota director of tourism says although the number of Canadian travelers visiting North Dakota continues to increase, numbers have not yet recovered to pre-pandemic levels.


A Washington state teenager is advocating for a bill to protect the privacy of the children of influencers.

Chris McCarty, 18, a freshman at the University of Washington, said they wanted to advocate for children’s right to privacy online after having learned about influencer Myka Stauffer, who shared extensive, intimate content about her adopted son before she relinquished custody because of his medical needs.

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