Episode 57

Critical Thought 57 - Why are People Leaving Churches?


March 3rd, 2023

1 hr 43 mins 42 secs

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Critical Thought

March 03, 2023

Pastor Mason Peters joins Critical Thought and we explore why people are leaving churches. There is an erosion of trust, a lack of perceived need from the Church, what can churches do differently to serve people more effectively?

Main Reference(s):

-- The Guardian --

Churches are closing at rapid numbers in the US, researchers say, as congregations dwindle across the country and a younger generation of Americans abandon Christianity altogether – even as faith continues to dominate American politics.

As the US adjusts to an increasingly non-religious population, thousands of churches are closing each year in the country – a figure that experts believe may have accelerated since the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2017 Lifeway surveyed young adults aged between 18 and 22 who had attended church regularly, for at least a year during high school. The firm found that seven out of 10 had stopped attending church regularly.

The younger generation just doesn’t feel like they’re being accepted in a church environment or some of their choices aren’t being accepted

Read the entire article at The Guardian

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