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April 13th, 2023

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Critical Thought

April 13, 2022

We know more about the leaked pentagon papers. They appear to have come from a Discord user using the handle "OG". He was one of the 1.25 million people given access to top secret documents. North Dakota Gov. Dog Burgum on Tuesday signed two laws prohibiting transgender girls and women from joining female sports teams in K-12 and college.

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--Yahoo News--

Read the entire article at Yahoo News

There is increasing evidence that the leak was not an intelligence operation by a state actor aiming to discredit the US, but more likely the consequence of a Pentagon policy of granting top secret security clearances to huge numbers of service members, civilians and contractors. The number of employees and contractors in the entire US government with top secret clearance is about 1.25 million.

However, the Washington Post said the teen member, who had been in touch with OG “in the past few days” had yet to be interviewed by any federal law enforcement officials by the time of publication on Wednesday night, even though the justice department began a criminal investigation and an FBI manhunt was launched at the beginning of the week. The defence secretary, Lloyd Austin, has vowed to “turn over every rock” in pursuit of the leaker.

Read the entire article at Yahoo News

The Washington Post traced the Pentagon papers leak to a man named OG on Discord.

He was the leader of a group of young gamers who loved guns, military gear, and God, per the outlet.

OG said he worked on a military base and sent his gamer friends hundreds of secrets, per WaPo.

--AP News--

North Dakota’s Republican Gov. Doug Burgum on Tuesday evening signed two transgender athlete bans into law, effectively prohibiting transgender girls and women from joining female sports teams in K-12 and college.

At least 19 other states have imposed restrictions on transgender athletes. And Republican lawmakers across the U.S. have drafted hundreds of laws this year to push back on LGBTQ+ freedoms, especially targeting transgender people’s everyday lives — including sports, health care, bathrooms, workplaces and schools.

Read the entire article at APNews.com

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